“Color is very much about atmosphere and emotion and the feel of a place.”
Alex Webb


More than whatever other layout component, color decides the passionate substance of a photo. You can set up the whole state of mind of a shot by underscoring a specific shading plan. Reds and oranges are hot and energizing, prepared to smolder at the touch. Blues and greens are cool and reviving, the profound runnings of a mountain stream or the freshness of the grass. Yellows warm us, from the rich gleam of morning daylight to the sentimental golden of candlelight.

You can likewise utilize hues to make particular impacts. With watchful confining and camera edge, you can attract regard for a moderately little however brilliantly shaded subject against a more curbed foundation. An Indian lady in a beautiful sari strolling down a dusty way, for instance. The peril intrinsic in shading is that unless you are cautious in forming your pictures.

Colors that conflict perplex the eye and result in a poor picture. Excessively numerous conflicting hues make different central focuses. Making the eye dash around the picture not certain what to take a gander at first or what to concentrate on. Pick one dominant color that turns into the point of the picture’s convergence. Draws the eye of the viewer to it promptly. The more prominent the power of the shading, the more it will run the show.

It’s vital to confine colors when attempting to make a sensational picture. Utilizing a telephoto lens will allow you to confine a specific part of a scene that has a striking shading or blend of hues. Another procedure is to utilize your feet and change the point of view so that the shading is separated from its environment. Getting in nearer causes permits you to consolidate hues that are all the more intriguing.

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