Formentera Migiorn Beach Sunset


“On the beach, you can live in bliss.”
Dennis Wilson – Beach Boys [1944 – 1983]




Sunset – About the shoreline of Migjorn we could say that it is one of the greatest in Formentera. Its sand reaches out from just about the entire south shore of the island. Nearly from La Mola-to Es Top de Barbaria. From the shoreline of Migjorn, you can see these two focuses, which are as such off. The substantial degree and the geographic position of Migjorn lead to an absence of enormous tourismus. Truth be told, Migjorn is one of the slightest went by shorelines in Formentera. In this manner, a standout amongst the most quiet ones. By the by, disregard finding a virgin shoreline. Here you will likewise locate all sort of eateries and stands at the very edge of the water.